Getting your quilt finished – by us

Don’t have the time (or desire) to finish your quilt?

Maybe it’s a UFO that’s been hiding in the cupboard for a few years and you would like to see finished?

Whatever stage your project is at, we can help…

  • Need the patchwork piecing finished?
  • Need the quilt basted?
  • Don’t like doing the quilting?
  • Can’t face getting the binding sewn on?

So, what does it cost? It’s kind of like ‘how long is a piece of string’, it depends so much on your patchwork design and how much quilting you want.

Usually, we’ll either give you a quote for the work you want done or you can give us your budget and we’ll quilt to that amount. As a guide, quilting a small quilt starts from $75. A large quilt with very dense, intricate quilting can cost $500. Most quilts that we complete for clients cost in the range of $120 to $250.

We use and recommend Matilda’s Own Australian cotton batting as it has a maximum quilting distance of 8″ to 10″. That means that you don’t need as much quilting to stabilise your quilt and it can help keep the quilting cost down if you are on a tight budget.

It’s not necessary to purchase the batting from us, but if you supply your own then you do need to know what the maximum quilting distance is for that type of wadding (some need to be quilted no more than 4″ apart)

PS. We don’t do edge to edge pantograph, but we can recommend other local quilters who do.